New Years Resolutions

Alright, I have made some New Years resolutions like every other schmuck in the world.

Here goes…

1. Read more for fun.  I miss doing this and I only do it sporadically when I believe that I “have time”.

2. Keep myself from doing work on weekends unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I am really bad about this, generally.  I’m totally the person who will sit on the couch on a Saturday morning/afternoon and return phone calls or do other work while watching TV or puttering around on the internet.  I really want to encourage myself to have good work/life boundaries to help shape my life more.

3. Get down to my goal weight and stay there for the rest of the year.  It’s not that I think I’m chubby; it’s that I feel unhealthy because I don’t get enough physical exercise and I usually eat quite poorly.  I want to improve these two things and as a biproduct keep myself at a healthier weight and use that as a measure of how successful I am at doing the two other things.  This is more about setting a goal so I can re-shape my bad habits.

4. Give up drinking to the point where I limit it to 1 drink at maximum when we’re out with people, etc.  This is also part of the goal weight idea but more about promoting my overall health and financial health as well.  Going out to bars is, well, expensive.  The time cost the next day is pretty big and honestly, I think I get sick more as a result of drinking (sick as in cough and cold, infection sick; not sick from the alcohol itself).

5.  Make friends in Seattle who I don’t work with.  This is a pretty key part of my resolutions.  I have been really bad about making friends out here in the last year and some months.  Mostly it’s because I work a lot and hang out with people from work since I don’t really find or have time to make other friends.  I want to force myself to have better work/life balance so that I can also get myself out, doing things with people and meeting new people.

So those are my resolutions.  Let’s see how long these last.

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2010 Inventory

What happened in 2010?  Lots of things.  So here are 10 highlights:

1. Left my first post-college job.

2. Moved across the country.

3. Got engaged

4. Got married

5. Changed my last name (he did too)

6. Got a puppy named Stanley

7. Got a snowboard.

8. Became outdoorsy

9. Bought a mini cooper (that’s adorable)

10. Learned to drive stick shift.

Happy New Year!

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Stanley the adorable Corgi.

Stanley the adorable Corgi.

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25 things I didn’t think would be true by my 25th birthday

It’s difficult to look ahead 5 or 10 years and be able to anticipate what your life will be like with any certainty, though we all do it.  We make plans and think of what will be true or not true at that point.  Usually we base it on something we’ve seen modeled to us by society or our parents.  In honor of that, here are 25 things that when I was 15, 20, or even 23 I didn’t think would be true by my 25th birthday…

1.  My primary car was manufactured by BMW.

2.  I live in the Pacific Northwest

3.  I’ve moved 7 times in the past 3 years.

4.  I’ve been unstably housed/ borderline homeless for more than a month before.

5.  I’ve been unemployed.

6.  I’ve made foundation presentations

7.  I’ve asked someone for $20,000

8.  I’ve canvassed and fund raised from it

9.  I’ve worked on a candidate’s campaign for re-election

10. I had an LTE printed in the Chicago Tribune.

11. I moved for someone.

12. I bought furniture for an apartment.

13. I’ve seriously started thinking about how to save money to buy a house.

14. I held a position usually held by people much older/more experienced than me

15. I helped pass state and federal legislation.

16. I convinced someone to move to a different city to be with me.

17. I lived with a significant other

18. The title “Mrs.” comes before my name now

19. I organized rallies/protests

20. I organized national events

21. I’ve written training manuals

22. I turned down law school.

23. I’ve turned down jobs so I could stay closer to someone.

24. I lived in California

25. I pet a sloth.

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Jesse: I can wear Natalie’s pack!
Natalie: You’re 6 feet tall.  No, you can’t

Obviously I was right.

Jesse: I can wear Natalie’s pack!
Natalie: You’re 6 feet tall. No, you can’t

Obviously I was right.

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It’s always a bad thing when you day dream about sleeping and then dream about sleeping more.  Not sure how much longer I can go without catching back up.

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Mrs. Cellophane

Sometimes I feel like I live my life somewhere in the void where all things slightly invisible— or at least not really important— go.

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25 Things I’ve Done in the Past Year

Only 3 weeks left until the big 2-5.  I’m behind on my lists, though (oops), so here’s another one:

25 Things I’ve Done In the Past Year:

1. Worked a really time consuming job

2. Canvassed and actually been good at it.

3. Asked someone for $20,000

4. Bought a car with someone else

5. Moved across the country (again)

6. Quit my job

7. Been unemployed

8. Hung out in Aspen

9. Met someone else’s family

10.  Saw Seattle (and moved there)

11. Said goodbye to Chicago

12. Learned to drive stick shift

13. Owned a BMW (at least partially)

14. Lived in an apartment that flooded every time it rained

15. Spent Christmas with a significant other and no families

16. Went to Costa Rica

17. Met sloths

18. Swam in the Caribbean

19. Worked on a candidate campaign

20. Was the Program Director of something

21. Made people fly from all time zones to see me.

22. Had a sweet party on a swanky boat

23. Picked out a wedding dress

24. Dealt with a partner that is always gone

25. Got married.

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Always great to be reminded where I rank.

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"Yet, of all the various segments of the homeless population, young adults probably receive the least attention, have the fewest resources applied to help them and have the least amount of policy advocacy on their behalf, according to some experts."

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